We are pleased to introduce an updated look to our brand! But why?

Well 2020 has of course been a challenging year for many of us but it also has provided us time for reflection, refocus and refinement of our business strategy. In any industry it is important that you don’t stand still, so we wanted to evolve the brand to reflect more about who we are, without forgetting the heritage that made us who we are today.

The introduction of our ‘mascot’ is more than just a visual addition. We wanted to enhance and strengthen our identity moving forward and with 2021 being our 30th anniversary, the timing was right to do this.

There are many reasons that our parrot reflects who we are and how we operate. From its creativity & problem solving characteristics, being a great communicator and of course its gregarious nature, we felt that these and it’s many other qualities reflected perfectly our behaviours and approach to what we do. Please see the full reasons below:

  • Parrots are great at listening and their ability to communicate and problem solve is legendary
  • They are vivid and multi-faceted. They think well on their feet. They have a large field of vision
  • Parrots are individuals with hugely distinctive personalities
  • They make wonderful companions with a special soul and are extremely loyal
  • Parrots have an intuitive understanding of situations and their environment
  • Parrots inject colour into your life – and are a truly sociable species.

It’s clear to see that the personality and behaviour of a parrot resonates and matches very closely to those of an Events Manager – and the culture of Parallel Blue.

2021 is promising to be a much more positive year than 2020 and Parallel Blue will be perfectly placed to help lead the way with the recovery of our industry.

Look out for more exciting announcements soon!