Our Mission

The mission of ‘Parallel Platinum’ is to provide our elite clientele with bespoke experiences that deliver the ultimate in quality, imagination and professionalism with a clear sense of style throughout. We exist to attract and retain discerning clients and provide them with access to our innovative, discreet and global professional network. Our creative solutions provide our clients with unrivalled luxury VIP lifestyle experiences and events that exceed expectations, while complementing their values.


Why Parallel Platinum

Parallel Platinum has evolved from Parallel Blue’s successful and extensive experience in corporate events over the past 30 years. We’ve constantly stayed ahead of the game in a fast-moving events industry, and many repeat clients have stayed with us on that journey. Welcome to the next stage in that journey. Parallel Platinum. Through our far-reaching pedigree in every type of live event, we have leveraged this know-how and capability into delivering unique, authentic and luxury experiences for discerning and selective clients. Our team will provide the full range of high-end luxury travel and event services for domestic and international clients, completely tailored to your needs.


Our Luxury Global Partners