Corporate Event Management

Full Service Corporate Event Management

Planning a corporate event can take months or even years from conception to execution. It can be a daunting and stressful task; however, it can also be one of the most rewarding.

What is Corporate Event Management?

Corporate events range from small half-day meetings to large weeklong conferences and everything in between.

They can include: 


Want conference envy? Take a look at some of our supporting services: AV & Production, Strategy & Planning among others.

exhibitions and trade shows

Check out more information on Exhibitions here. Or why not try our Free Venue Finding Service?

hospitality and incentive travel

Check out our International Events service and our Luxury Private Travel for more information.

product launches

Need help with Sponsorship Management or Branding & Merchandise, we have services to help you.

team building activities

Leave a lasting impression and make the day memorable for your whole team, see what activities we can source here.

annual company gatherings

Check out our Entertainment Sourcing Service. Can’t all meet in-person? No problem host a Hybrid Event.

charity fundraisers

Need help with Sponsorship Management or Branding & Merchandise, we have services to help you.

Whether it’s finding a new and exciting venue in the UK, or hosting an event in a beautiful, international destination, we make every step effortless for you.

PLanning & Execution

A multitude of things go into the planning and execution of a successful event, everything from registration, catering, and transport to entertainment, content, and branding. Budgets are one of the largest concerns when it comes to planning an event. They require attention to detail and constant negotiations – two things we do best.

An event planner is responsible for every aspect of your event, and we are prepared for anything, all the time. We are an extension of your team, and our aim is to support and bring to life your company’s brand and objectives through a memorable event.

Why use an event agency to help you organise your next event? 



Knowing where to start with what you need such as venue finding or destination research, production, content management, and even finding suppliers – can take a lot of valuable time. Parallel Blue can save you time and effort, with over 30 years of experience in finding the right venue and destination along with having a global network of trusted suppliers which we will engage with and manage on your behalf.



Planning and executing an event is very time-consuming and can deduct from your focus on day-to-day work. It often requires multiple resources and delegation to take an event from an idea to a reality.



From the initial contact with your prospective audience, through to the event itself, we work on planning and executing efficient communication strategies.



Sourcing multiple, good quality suppliers, and in turn the invoicing processes that come with this, can be tedious to resource and manage. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to just have one supplier who manages all of this for you? 



With the long-established relationships that we have with our venues and suppliers, we can often secure better rates than going directly. We will also continue with these negotiations throughout the life of the project to ensure you continue to get the best value for money.


Risk Management

A huge part of event planning is ensuring your event is run safely and has the right levels of insurance. We conduct all the relevant risk assessments for your event so you can relax in the knowledge that all these bases are covered.


Post event

Often neglected parts of the full service corporate event management process are post-event communications, feedback capture and event reviews – all of which help you and us reflect and improve on the next event. 


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