Sponsorship Management

Sponsors help make an event happen

Part of being a full service corporate event management agency includes full management of your event’s sponsors and exhibitors. 

Exhibitions are a great draw for a conference and give delegates and exhibitors amazing opportunities to network and engage with your event. Not only do sponsors provide funding, but they can increase attention and attendance to an event, as well as market your brand with their customers and on their own platforms.  

When done well, event sponsorship proves hugely beneficial to both the sponsor and the event host, which is why managing and maintaining the relationship leading up to and after the event, is vital.

Every aspect of how we manage sponsors and exhibitors is specifically tailored to your brand and your event. 

Our sponsor management services include:

Handling of all communications and queries

Designing an exhibition layout and floorplan

Creating a sponsor information pack, customised to company branding

Liaising with the venue for all logistics

Offering bespoke stand builds and exhibition show spaces

Producing pop-up stands and banners

Sourcing and producing branded merchandise

Assembling and de-rigging all exhibitor’s stands

For large events with several exhibitors, we can create a dedicated event inbox for everyone to direct information and queries.


“Thank you so much for such a phenomenal event.

Commercially, we’re very pleased with how our exhibition went, and the interest we received from delegates, but on a personal level everyone had a great time, they said the presentations that they saw were interesting and the food was 10/10.”

- Alex Gibson, VouchedFor


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