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Whilst physical events will return, and more efficiently and creatively than before, virtual events are here to stay for the foreseeable future. This channel is therefore so important to continue educating, engaging and rewarding your customers, clients and staff during these times.

Virtual events provide limitless attendee numbers, as well as maximising the return on the investment by re-using the recorded content for use across multiple communication channels, post event.

However when thinking about moving a traditionally face to face event to an online format, it does not simply mean live streaming your keynote presentations. A different thought process is needed, while applying the same precision and structured approach to planning as you would for any live event.

Of course face to face events will return but when they do, why not consider going Hybrid creating not one event but two great delegate experiences? Hybrid allows you to grow your conference through the added virtual experience, achieving even greater attendee numbers through live and virtual elements. Hybrid events also help to increase your sponsorship value whilst providing your attendees a safe and secure option.

6 Virtual Event Styles

Virtual Conferences

  • We can take care of all the setup, hosting and technical aspects of your virtual event.
  • You can then focus on delivering the event without the worry of whether your technology will work.
  • We can broadcast from a studio or facilitate the stream from remote locations depending on what works best for you and your presenters.


  • One of the most important elements of a face-to-face event! The opportunity to meet and talk with new or known contacts takes your event from informative to effective.
  • Virtual networking events are not any different and so we have incorporated audience Q&A, voting, chatrooms, emoji reactions and breakout rooms into our platform. Enhance your own network, as well as your reputation as a “connecting” company, despite being physically separated.

Meetings, Webinars, Workshops and Training

  • We can help facilitate a focussed and engaging meeting that ensures everyone who attends achieves the most from the time spent.
  • The VEH platform also allows for webpages and documents to be linked to the site so attendees can access further resources.


  • Exhibitions allow for a greater chance of networking and sponsor opportunities.
  • We can enhance your delegates experiences by allowing them to speak to exhibitors and find out more information about them during allocated times during the event.

Product Launch

  • Product launches can either be brought to the delegates live or on demand.
  • For a fully immersive launch, we specialise in high-quality broadcasting content live from our studio to increase audience interactivity and stand out within your industry.
  • Further enhancements to keep ongoing engagement include clear agenda viewing, speaker bios, free format question & answer functionality, regular polls, a fun quiz, and quick expression emoticons to show sentiments.


  • It is so important to recognise those who have performed well and this can still be achieved successfully in a virtual environment.
  • We can even add in entertainment or an activity to make the awards even more special.
  • All ceremonies can be recorded and edited to create a fantastic memory for all involved and act as a motivational tool for others across the business.

Virtual Production

We have our own fully customisable and user-friendly hosting platform called Virtual Event Hosts (VEH). Combined with our in-house technology, equipment, and years of live event experience, VEH provides delegates, presenters and moderators with a slick and ergonomic live event platform.

Your event can be fully branded, tailored to suit your event programme, and provide an end-to-end experience for the participants, from initial registration through to post event evaluation. All analytics can be exported post event including who logged on and at what time, voting/polling results, questions asked, time stamped emoji reactions, chatroom messages and dashboard comments, as well as a recorded version of the event. This makes virtual events a great option currently and maximises the return on investment.

Virtual Event Styles:



We know how important it is to get the team together during these unprecedented times, so why not explore how our virtual activities can enable this. Why not introduce an entertaining virtual activity during your conference or training programme to increase productivity, creativity and engagement.


Health & Wellbeing Sessions

Our virtual wellbeing programme can boost you and your team’s morale, positivity and enthusiasm during these challenging times allowing you to maintain motivation and get back to business with these endorphin induced experiences to make your audience feel energised and raring to go!

Going the extra mile

Here at Parallel Blue we pride ourselves on going the extra mile.


5 Senses

  • Why not go that one step further to enhance your virtual event by sending your delegates something in the post pre-event.
  • We can help create more of an experience for your attendees that involves all of the senses. Let us help bridge the gap between virtual and physical with a more tangible approach.

Fireside Chats

  • A fireside chat is an informal yet structured interview between a moderator and a guest.
  • A different approach to the traditional keynote presentation.
  • A unique opportunity to ensure content is relevant to the audience and bring them closer to the subject matter.
  • As with any conversation, a fireside chat is engaging only when it involves everyone, including the audience.
  • Our technology enables the participants to join in and ask their questions.

Social Media

Engage delegates by linking to your social media platforms and create conversations on your channels during the event.


Zoom Help?

Want to hold your event on Zoom but do not want to worry about the technical side? Leave it to us and our technical team.

Miele Product Launches

Miele | Virtual Events

Taking place at the height of the pandemic in 2020, Miele continued with product launches by taking their events fully virtual.

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