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Supporting Services

Corporate Event Management

Video Production, Live Streaming & Webinar Hosting

Video is such an important part of the communication tool kit both at the events themselves but also leading up to and after the event. It’s a fantastic way of engaging with your audience and creating lasting memories, but it is also a reusable asset. We can offer a full range of video services from the storyboard all the way through to a final, high quality, finished article.

Live Stream To A Wider Audience.

Often used as a complimentary service to the live event to enable wider audience reach, we can provide a complete solution for you. On top of the high quality stream, we can also provide extra engagement tools for your online audience such as interactive polls, free format Q & As, emoticons, agenda and speaker biographies, and many other features to give the virtual viewer a fully immersive experience.

Go Virtual With Your Event.

Take the stress out of planning and running your webinar by letting us take care of all the setup, hosting, and technical aspects of your virtual event. You can then focus on delivering the event without the worry of whether your technology will work. We can broadcast from a studio or facilitate the stream from remote locations depending on what works best for you and your presenters.



Let Us Manage Your Content.

Interesting and Inspiring content is the key to your successful event. Parallel Blue will work with you to produce strategy-led communications in a variety of different ways – including print, video, speaker content and interactive digital media to increase delegate engagement and spark discussion. All of these streams must match your event branding and objectives and we help ensure they are relevant, consistent and accurate.

We can also support with social media posts, Email marketing, media coverage and blogging.

Bring The Wow Factor.

We love the challenge when our clients reach out to us and want to take their event to the next level. Adding a theme can be a great way to bring focus to your planning and design process at the start, and it can really elevate the experience for your guests during your event.

Your chosen theme creation can be seen throughout several production elements at your event: overall printed branding, colour schemes, event lighting, menu and drink choices or names and entertainment.

The right theme attracts attendees and will build your business’s brand. We will continue to review your event goals throughout the planning process to ensure the theme creation is right for you.

Be Creative With Your Content.

At Parallel Blue, we recognise that content is king. So a big part of what we do is create compelling narratives; from conference speeches, to presenter scripts, video interview questions and story boarding, on-line articles and technical manuals. It doesn’t matter what the subject is, for us it’s all about storytelling.



Invite Your Delegates.

It is critical to engage with your audience as early as possible in the event planning process. This means not only regularly sharing the themes and direction of the day, but by also seeking delegate input and opinion. This will help you shape the content of the day as well as enable delegates to feel involved and get their ‘buy in’ leading up to the event.

We can create interactive, informative, and secure registration websites built to your specific requirements that engage your audience from the off. It also enables you to continually communicate with them through this ‘hub’ and build the excitement right up to the day, as well as sharing post event content to maximise the event exposure.


SPEAKER Sourcing & Training

Book A Speaker.

Guest speakers are often one of the highlights of an event. The purpose of any speaker should be to excite, inform, and inspire delegates. Parallel Blue can source the perfect speaker for your event; from keynote speaker specialists to after dinner entertainers, we will provide you with many options to choose from and once selected, ensure they are well briefed to deliver exactly to your requirements.

Provide Speaker Training.

While some presenters are naturals, it can be daunting to talk to audiences if it’s not something you do regularly. We can provide training sessions to put the presenter at ease and ensure the very best delivery is given on the day.


Delegate Engagement

Engage Your Delegates.

One of the most important factors to gain from your event is to meet your event objectives and to ensure your delegates are engaged to get the event message across.

We can provide a number of different ways to keep your delegates engaged and to ensure your event is a success, such as: making the content fun and interactive, transforming the event space into a creative space, finding interesting guest speakers, organising team building activities, Q&A sessions, added extras and much more.



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